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Smart stand assembly.

Exhibition Stand Rental

When mounting a stand it is important to control every aspect of the process, it is not the same to have everything in your head than having a plan. Remember this, the one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Here are some key points to make sure that your stand is on time at your next exhibition.

It is better the slightest of inks than the best of memories.

This famous phrase attributed to William Shakespeare could not be truer. There are certain documents that should not be forgotten when planning and executing a stand assembly.

Document 1. Inventory of the stand parts.

This implies having a sheet with the pieces that the booth must contain. If the booth comes out of your own warehouse because it is a stand of its own, it is indispensable that nothing is forgotten in the warehouse, since later it will have repercussions like subsequent useless purchases. If you rented a stand that has to be assembled, demand that they give you a complete inventory of the pieces of the stand. It is at this stage when you can see one of the details such as the logo, or a high print image that needs to be replaced or even a missing piece before starting the assembly. Hopefully there will be sufficient time to solve the problem.

Document 2. Worksheet to be carried out.

Assembly of a stand with display case and lock.

Called by Americans as a famous “to do list”, it is common to forget to generate this document but it is quite necessary. There is nothing worse than having finished an installation and assembly only to discover that no one installed the lock that would protect all the prototypes of the products to be displayed, or that proprietary technology that has to be carefully protected. In other words, you won’t be able to protect the products that you brought because someone forgot to install the lock. The expo opens in 3 minutes and you won’t be able to install it…

Document 3. Installation plan.

And what about the installation plan? You might come to the conclusion, that it is not necessary, but in reality it certainly is. You might need to connect a laptop or receive Internet signal or maybe require a phone jack. In an ideal world the organizer of the fair will supply with all those items but once you are there, where are they going to be physically? And what is more, what if the organizer has forgotten and we need to have Internet access in order to be able to carry out our work? An installation plan will promptly alert the assembly members of the stand about any missing items in the facilities even before is required. It is better to prevent.

Document 4. Time schedule to set up a stand

This implies a document that indicates the work to be done but this time with a schedule and a person in charge. Although it seems the same as the to do list, but it says who is responsible for particular tasks and estimates times of completion, which allows you to go into more detail about who will do what. It also facilitates movement of resources in a strategic way making sure everything is ready on time.

Document 5. List of promotional material for the expo.

Finally this is the last document that we always suggest to be included, also known as a list of point of sale material. Although this happens after the assembly of your stand, if you have a list of what you will need during your expo, you are less likely to forget something like pamphlets, brochures, presentations or sign up forms.

As we said before, failing to plan is to plan to fail. Follow these simple documents and you will surely have an orderly stand assembly and a successful trade show.

The best stand generates sales.

At CA Publicity Group, we know that 81% of people attending your expo have enough purchasing power, 50% will buy a product similar to yours or your product in the next 12 months and the difference between an “interesting, we might come back later” and “this provider I have to see” is a good exhibit stand. After all, well made stand is your best seller, especially if you are attending other prospects.

What is an exhibit stand?

In this digital era in which a stand should not only be an artistic concept that reflects the corporate image of a brand, an advertising stand should be a representation of the company’s philosophy.Day by day visitors to an expo not only look for the best products and the best services, but  also look for a real identification with the brand they buy. A good advertising stand is the one that speaks to the end customer and is mimicked with the digital image that the customer will search on the internet at the end of the expo.Although, traditionally advertising stands function as a showcase of products or services at a trade show, its role is more important each day.

An advertising booth can be your best selling weapon.

If your booth is well planned, you can even create brand ambassadors inside an expo. How many times we hear at the expo mouth-to-mouth recommendations about particular stands that one should not miss, or about a video they saw in the stand.In some cases the advertising stands are so crowded that they give sheets of paper for people to write down their information since the representatives of the brand can’t handle all the visitors. A good advertising booth is the difference between getting the attention of a prospect and having the person signing himself or herself in as a contact.


If you are ready for your next marketing event to be a success, do not hesitate, a stand made by CA Publicity Group is your best choice. Contact us!

Tips to make your stand design a success.

If you want the design of your stand to be a success, the magic must start from you. The first thing to do is to find the best booth location within the venue that you can afford.

Once you know where your stand will be located, check if there is a direct competitor near you. Then imagine what your ideal booth would look like, then let us know. We will transform all your ideas into a practical and functional design.

Make a list of all the things that you will need, including brochures, business cards, etc.

Do not forget to print out contact sheets where the minimum information that you should ask for is name, company, company size, telephone, and email.

Decide if you are going to give away some type of promotional items. Put everything together and pack it. Be sure not to forget it!

Use the design of your stand in your favor, for instance, if you have an island with four entrances, put displays on all four sides. However, if you are the only person attending the stand, create a series of entries in your design that will lead the visitors towards you no matter what.

These are just some of the many ideas that we can give you for the successful design of your stand. Remember that the one who plans and designs his stand well has many steps ahead from the competition. If you want to know more ideas that fit in your philosophy, give us a call and a representative will gladly assist you. You can also continue reading our blog with multiple tips about stands and fairs.

Considerations for renting a stand

Having a good design for a rental stand for an expo, is one of the most critical parts in the process of marketing. The design of your stand says everything about your company, reflects both the philosophy of your company and the empathy that exists between your brand and your target audience. Not for being a rented stand, one should sacrifice its corporate image.

Considerations for the design of your booth for rent:

  1. What is the total space that your stand will have.
  2. If it is a corner stand, or confined on three sides.
  3. If it is an island with a view on all four
  4. If there will be hanging ducts or any kind of structures from the ceiling restricting the maximum height that your booth can
  5. Corporate image. Your booth for rent should have your exact corporate
  6. Professional design. The design of your booth for rent must perfectly match what your corporate image means with the colors and/or the theme of the
  7. In your stand you should consider whether there will be a second floor for VIP customer service.
  8. Smart Promotion. When designing your booth for rent do not forget to take into account the inside of the booth and the place where all promotional materials will be stored.
  9. Functionality. The design of your rented stand should be coordinated with the necessary furniture. By the way, we can also provide with all the furniture that you need to make your expo a success.
  10. Connectivity. When designing your booth, CA Publicity Group will provide you with electrical connections for laptops, flat screens, players and other electrical appliances.
  11. Organic design. Determine if you need Internet access and integrate it with your power outlet requirements.

The decoration of your stand for the next expo

Let’s face it, we all dream that your next expo will be a success. We want to have a brand presence, leave an indelible mark on the buyers’ minds and return home with those precious purchase orders that made the trip profitable. However this does not always happen. This may be due to poor decoration of your stand.

Hiring a professional company for the decoration of stand could be your best investment.

A company who dedicates it’s time to professionally decorate stands has the sensitivity to make the stand have a pleasant atmosphere outperforming others in the fair.

There are those who prefer to micromanage the decoration of the stand, but unless they constantly attend fairs and happens to be good designers, it is unlikely to achieve the same results as a professional in the decoration of a stand. This without even considering the necessary expenditures. If you do not know the city where you are going to exhibit soon you will realize that you can end up paying up to 50% more of the actual cost.

What usually includes a Professional Stand Decorator when hired?

When hiring a company that is dedicated professionally to the decoration of stands one must consider that they should always include:

The interior decoration of the Stand

That is to say that the professional can do not only the design but also the printing of textile or wide format to improve its presence within the fair.

Rent of special furniture for your stand

That is to say, it must be able to provide the exhibitor with all the necessary fixtures and furniture. Generally they can give you a white furniture, but sometimes it is necessary that the furniture be the color of your brand and a professional understands this relationship with the decoration of your stand.

The carpet for the booth

This is not normally included in a standard stand, but if you are already going to put furniture of a specific color, it is common for you to get a piece of carpet of a color that matches the furniture. While renting a carpet is not the norm, you can make a difference and have a carpet and keep it for other expos.

Rent of audiovisual equipment

A good professional stand decorator should also be able to rent LCD or LED screens, so that your product can be seen in all its magnificence. Although you do not always have the video production service, they can often point to a company to make the video for you.

Provide Human Resources.

Finally, and although it sounds a bit out of the scope of the professional stand decorator, it can often recommend a aide-de-camp agency so your presence is even more striking. Also provide with or recommend a simultaneous translator in case that you do not speak fluently the local language. Keep in mind that the professional stand provider usually lives in the city where the event takes place and as we mentioned before knows better than you the people who normally participate in this type of events.