Having a good design for a rental stand for an expo, is one of the most critical parts in the process of marketing. The design of your stand says everything about your company, reflects both the philosophy of your company and the empathy that exists between your brand and your target audience. Not for being a rented stand, one should sacrifice its corporate image.

Considerations for the design of your booth for rent:

  1. What is the total space that your stand will have.
  2. If it is a corner stand, or confined on three sides.
  3. If it is an island with a view on all four
  4. If there will be hanging ducts or any kind of structures from the ceiling restricting the maximum height that your booth can
  5. Corporate image. Your booth for rent should have your exact corporate
  6. Professional design. The design of your booth for rent must perfectly match what your corporate image means with the colors and/or the theme of the
  7. In your stand you should consider whether there will be a second floor for VIP customer service.
  8. Smart Promotion. When designing your booth for rent do not forget to take into account the inside of the booth and the place where all promotional materials will be stored.
  9. Functionality. The design of your rented stand should be coordinated with the necessary furniture. By the way, we can also provide with all the furniture that you need to make your expo a success.
  10. Connectivity. When designing your booth, CA Publicity Group will provide you with electrical connections for laptops, flat screens, players and other electrical appliances.
  11. Organic design. Determine if you need Internet access and integrate it with your power outlet requirements.

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