At Publicity Group we have the best rental stands for your next expo.

While the stands are rented, these are fully customized to reflect the philosophy of your brand and its products, highlighting your corporate identity.

Our rental stands offer aesthetic management of the assigned space, projecting the quality that your brand deserves.

Why rent a stand and not buy it?

Lower Investment

  • The first reason to rent an exhibition stand instead of buying it is if your company does not participate in many trade shows or exhibitions. In this case, buying a stand would mean making a big investment in a structure that must be assembled, moved, dismantled and stored.

    The purchase of a stand represents a higher cost, since the initial investment in these cases is approximately $ 4,000 (dollars) minimum.

    If you attend many fairs or exhibitions, definitely buying a booth would be a highly recommended option. But if you do not plan to spend a lot of time on exhibits, then renting a booth is a better choice.

No hassle and always like new

  • Another reason to rent a booth is that, although they are mostly solid structures, they always contain some fragile elements. Particularly in the case of the accessories that give life to the stand.

    When you rent a stand, you can be sure that all those little trimmings and details will always be good as new. In addition, you won’t have to worry about storage costs or the care one must have while storing it.

Always at the forefront:

  • The rental of a stand gives you the versatility to adjust to changes in corporate identity. At some point it may be necessary to update your logo, slogan, promotions, or any other element of your stand. Even in some cases it is necessary to reinvent the brand or project different messages on each occasion.

    When you rent a booth, you know that all of these details will be ready for you, without having to spend on upgrading your own booth.

Make the rental of your stand a pleasant experience:

  • When you hire experts like Publicity Group, all you have to do is select what you need for your stand and we'll take care of the rest.

    You can be confident that when you reach the exhibition floor, your stand will be finished with everything you need and ready for action.

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