At CA Publicity Group, we know that 81% of people attending your expo have enough purchasing power, 50% will buy a product similar to yours or your product in the next 12 months and the difference between an “interesting, we might come back later” and “this provider I have to see” is a good exhibit stand. After all, well made stand is your best seller, especially if you are attending other prospects.

What is an exhibit stand?

In this digital era in which a stand should not only be an artistic concept that reflects the corporate image of a brand, an advertising stand should be a representation of the company’s philosophy.Day by day visitors to an expo not only look for the best products and the best services, but  also look for a real identification with the brand they buy. A good advertising stand is the one that speaks to the end customer and is mimicked with the digital image that the customer will search on the internet at the end of the expo.Although, traditionally advertising stands function as a showcase of products or services at a trade show, its role is more important each day.

An advertising booth can be your best selling weapon.

If your booth is well planned, you can even create brand ambassadors inside an expo. How many times we hear at the expo mouth-to-mouth recommendations about particular stands that one should not miss, or about a video they saw in the stand.In some cases the advertising stands are so crowded that they give sheets of paper for people to write down their information since the representatives of the brand can’t handle all the visitors. A good advertising booth is the difference between getting the attention of a prospect and having the person signing himself or herself in as a contact.


If you are ready for your next marketing event to be a success, do not hesitate, a stand made by CA Publicity Group is your best choice. Contact us!

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