Let’s face it, we all dream that your next expo will be a success. We want to have a brand presence, leave an indelible mark on the buyers’ minds and return home with those precious purchase orders that made the trip profitable. However this does not always happen. This may be due to poor decoration of your stand.

Hiring a professional company for the decoration of stand could be your best investment.

A company who dedicates it’s time to professionally decorate stands has the sensitivity to make the stand have a pleasant atmosphere outperforming others in the fair.

There are those who prefer to micromanage the decoration of the stand, but unless they constantly attend fairs and happens to be good designers, it is unlikely to achieve the same results as a professional in the decoration of a stand. This without even considering the necessary expenditures. If you do not know the city where you are going to exhibit soon you will realize that you can end up paying up to 50% more of the actual cost.

What usually includes a Professional Stand Decorator when hired?

When hiring a company that is dedicated professionally to the decoration of stands one must consider that they should always include:

The interior decoration of the Stand

That is to say that the professional can do not only the design but also the printing of textile or wide format to improve its presence within the fair.

Rent of special furniture for your stand

That is to say, it must be able to provide the exhibitor with all the necessary fixtures and furniture. Generally they can give you a white furniture, but sometimes it is necessary that the furniture be the color of your brand and a professional understands this relationship with the decoration of your stand.

The carpet for the booth

This is not normally included in a standard stand, but if you are already going to put furniture of a specific color, it is common for you to get a piece of carpet of a color that matches the furniture. While renting a carpet is not the norm, you can make a difference and have a carpet and keep it for other expos.

Rent of audiovisual equipment

A good professional stand decorator should also be able to rent LCD or LED screens, so that your product can be seen in all its magnificence. Although you do not always have the video production service, they can often point to a company to make the video for you.

Provide Human Resources.

Finally, and although it sounds a bit out of the scope of the professional stand decorator, it can often recommend a aide-de-camp agency so your presence is even more striking. Also provide with or recommend a simultaneous translator in case that you do not speak fluently the local language. Keep in mind that the professional stand provider usually lives in the city where the event takes place and as we mentioned before knows better than you the people who normally participate in this type of events.

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